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Antimicrobial Product 

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Antimicrobial Product Registration

  • EPA product registration application submissions  

  • EPA annual renewals and annual reporting    

  • EPA preliminary product evaluation: data requirements, timelines, and applicable fees

  • EPA registered product notifications         

  • „EPA registered product amendments 


U.S. State/Territory Antimicrobial Product Registration

  • U.S. state/territory antimicrobial registrations

  • U.S. state/territory antimicrobial annual renewals


Health Canada Antimicrobial Product Registration

  • „Health Canada new administrative disinfectant Drug Identification Number (DIN) submissions

  • Health Canada new full review disinfectant Drug Identification Number (DIN) submissions 


Antimicrobial Product Registration and Regulatory Support as Needed

  • SGEC also provides environmental regulatory support and guidance on an as needed basis.


On Demand: Introduction to U.S. and Canada Antimicrobial Product Registration Preview


Disclosure: While this class provides information for navigating the U.S. and Canada antimicrobial registration process, it is presented for informational purposes only and in no way takes the place of the guidance provided by a professional consultant and does not guarantee that your antimicrobial product will be registered in the United States and/or Canada.

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