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Who Are We

Pesticide Product Registration Consultant
Who We Are

SGEC understands that as a pesticide product producer and seller, you have a responsibility to your customers to present products that are effective yet environmentally safe.


Sometimes companies don’t always have the capacity to focus on taking the required steps to obtain U.S. and Canada approval prior to distribution of a pesticide product.


SGEC was specifically formed, in 2011, to address the needs of companies, who seek to market, sell, or distribute pesticide products in the United States and Canada, as they navigate the myriad of regulations that encompass the U.S. and Canada pesticide product registration process.



  • Years of experience dealing with EPA PRIA and non-PRIA registration applications.

  • Peace of mind knowing the complex rules and regulations will be followed with detail.

  • Extensive relationships within the EPA itself that assists in the entire process.

  • Available on a contract basis for as little or as much time as you need to complete projects.

  • You'll receive personalized attention.

  • SGEC will be an advocate for your product.

  • Proven track record of registering pesticide products with the following approvals:


EPA registrations: 23

EPA supplemental registrations: 75

Post registration applications: 59

State registrations: 214

Health Canada registrations: 4

SGEC, LLC offers a no cost 30 minute video meeting to discuss your project needs.

Member, Household and Commercial Products Association

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